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Aspaco | We Answer FAQ You May Have On How Car Pawn Specialists In Pretoria, South Africa Help You To Get a Fast, Discrete Loan Against Your Vehicle From Car Pawn Specialists!!!

Yes you can Pawn Your Car with Us. To Secure a Loan you would need to be the registered owner of the vehicle and it has to be fully paid up. T&C’s Apply.

Unfortunately we can only Pawn Your Car if it is paid in full. 

Aspaco has no set periods, all transactions are custom and setup to suit your needs.

The loan amount will be made available once an evaluation of the vehicle has been done. Factors that plays a role on the loan amount on offer are:

  • Vehicle Make & Model
  • Age of the Vehicle
  • Trade in Value
  • Service History
  • Vehicle Age & Mileage
  • Overall Condition
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Car Pawn Specialists are based in Hermanstad Pretoria, South Africa and we are your one stop shop if you need cash for you Vehicle. Pawn your car with us today and get that much needed cash ASAP with Car Pawn Specialists: Aspaco Pretoria, South Africa. Make contact with our team today and get your hands on that cash…

Pawn My Car | Aspaco FAQ

Once approved and accepted by yourself Aspaco will have the paperwork ready to be completed with you. Thereafter payment will be made to you asap…

Aspaco has no set periods, all transactions are custom and setup to suit your needs.

You will have to supply the following:

  • South African ID
  • Proof of Address
  • NATIS (Vehicles original registration document)
  • Proof of Service History
  • Keys

Aspaco accepts a wide variety of vehicles including all the popular Passenger cars, Light Commercial Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Boats and Caravans. All vehicles with a re-sale value can be used to get a cash loan quickly.

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